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As NYC Build it Back works hard to get New Yorkers back into safe and sustainable housing as quickly as possible, we want to provide you with recent program highlights and updates.

CDBG-DR Action Plan: Substantial Amendment 4 Public Comment Period

Today, the City released an amendment (Amendment 4) to its CDBG-DR Action Plan, which describes how the City is using the $1.77 billion that will ultimately be allocated from the Federal government for Hurricane Sandy relief. The funding is provided through the Community Development Block Grant-Disaster Relief program and administered by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. When changes to the plan meet certain minimum requirements, an amendment is released for review and public comment. Both the amendment and the Action Plan are available at The amendment is open to public comment through Thursday, October 10. Following the comment period, comments will be reviewed and incorporated and then the amendment will be submitted to HUD for approval.

Registration Deadline Extended Through October 31!

As of Monday, September 30, more than 22,000 New Yorkers have registered for NYC Build it Back, including 9,400 registrants from Queens, nearly 7,000 from Brooklyn and 5,000 from Staten Island. Over the last two weeks, the Mayor’s Office of Housing Recovery Operations partnered with local elected officials, community associations, non-profit organizations and volunteers to help more than 4,800 additional New Yorkers register for the program.  With an influx of new registrants in the past two weeks, NYC Build it Back has extended the deadline so that more New Yorkers have the opportunity to sign up for NYC Build it Back. Affected residents can register online at by calling 311; it is easy and takes only a few minutes. Please encourage anyone you know whose home was affected by Sandy to register.

Important Forms and Documents are available on Build it Back’s website and at Build it Back Centers

All important forms needed to complete the initial NYC Build it Back application process are available on the NYC Build it Back website here, and are also available at the Build it Back Centers in each of the affected communities.   Applicants and interested groups should be aware of the Reasonable Accommodation Form which can be used if a property owner or resident has a disability and needs help participating in the Build it Back Program or needs particular accommodations with respect to the repair or rebuilding of their home.  This form can be found here.

Steps in the Build it Back Process

The Build it Back program has received requests asking about our process. There are two important  initial steps in the Build it Back process: 1) we establish applicant eligibility by reviewing all of the documents submitted during and after the first intake meeting with a Housing Recovery Specialist at an NYC Build it Back Center and 2) we verify the damage to the applicant’s home by conducting a Damage Assessment at the home with a damage assessor from the NYC Build it Back program.

After the Damage Assessment, the applicant will be called in for an Options Meeting at which they be able to learn from a Housing Recovery Specialist what they are eligible for through NYC Build it Back (based upon the information provided to the Program with at the initial intake, the damage assessment performed at your property, and a calculation based on the funding and benefits have already received).

Please refer to the below graphic for a representation of the Homeowner Journey. This is a thorough and intensive process involving a great deal from applicants and NYC Build it Back has been working tirelessly to move applicants through the process. We appreciate everyone’s patience and support as we work to Build it Back.

And, please read more about NYC Build it Back’s Programs here.











Frequently Asked Questions

The Build it Back program regularly updates its website to provide answers to frequently asked questions about the program.  Please click here to see up-to-the-date information on the NYC Build it Back program.


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